Caveat Removal Victoria offers four methods of removing improper caveats in Victoria.

Caveat removal

Non-urgent (55 days)

$970 (incl. of costs, disbursements and GST)

To issue a ‘lapsing notice’ to put the person who lodged the wrongful caveat on notice that it will be removed unless they commence court or VCAT proceedings within 30 days to substantiate the maintenance of the caveat.

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Caveat withdrawal


To remove a caveat you have lodged yourself and no longer need to maintain.  

Letter of demand


To demand removal of the wrongful caveat by the person that lodged it and to notify that person that you will make an application to the Court that they pay your legal costs should court removal be required.

Caveat removal

(Urgent court application)

$13,200 (incl. of costs, disbursements and GST)

To make a fast application to the Supreme Court of Victoria for removal where the wrongful caveat is going to delay settlement or finance. Download the ‘Going to Court’ document for more information about the court process.

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-All processes above are subject to provision of 100 points of identification to establish verification of identify.

-The above services are designed to address wrongful caveats. If a caveat has been properly lodged but you want us to assist you to negotiate its removal, please lodge a request and we will quote you separately.

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Urgent vs. non-urgent

When does the non-urgent process apply? Most commonly, our non-urgent administrative process will apply where you don’t have a settlement or immediate need for finance but where:

Proper and improper caveats

What is an improper caveat? Improper caveats occur when they are lodged to do something other than secure an ‘interest in land’. Most commonly, this occurs where a caveat is lodged to recover an unsecured debt.

About Caveat Removal Victoria

Do not allow an improper caveat to stay on your title. You may lose a profitable sale or find it impossible to get a loan when you need it. Caveat Removal Victoria offers a focused, efficient and cost effective service to assist Victorians in removing improper caveats. The service is backed by the lawyers at law firm SMR Legal with offices in both the Melbourne CBD and rural Victoria. Our lawyers can handle your matter if the removal process turns nasty and into a dispute with the person who lodged the caveat. Caveat Removal Victoria offers two services to remove an improper caveat in Victoria. Find out more about this at Our Services page. If you have decided to no longer tolerate the improper caveat on your title click here to see if our services are right for you. Read more »